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5 These Foods Are Good Sources of Vegetable Protein for Children

Although it comes from plants, it does not mean that vegetable protein is worse than animal protein, you know, Mother. In fact, this vegetable protein source does not contain cholesterol and the price is more affordable. Protein, both vegetable and animal protein, are both needed for the growth and development of children, namely as a source of energy, help the formation of bones, and maintain and enhance immunity. Even so, there are still many parents who only rely on protein intake from animal products, such as fish, beef, chicken, and eggs, because they do not know that protein can also be obtained from plant or vegetable food products, Choice of Vegetable Protein Sources That Your Child Can Eat Since your child consumes complementary foods, mother can start to introduce foods that contain vegetable protein gradually. The following are some choices of vegetable protein sources that can make a child become a favorite dish of your child: 1. Soybeans Who doesn't like tempeh
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It's a Danger of Fighting in Front of Children

Dissenting opinions that cause quarrels are common in conjugal relationships. However, fighting in front of a child is not a wise choice, because it can pose a danger to his mental health. Screams, insults, insults, and acts of violence that are often Mother and Father show when fighting in front of the Little One can leave a strong impression in his memory. This bad memory often affects the mental development of the Little One later. What is the Impact of Arguing in Front of Children? Did Mother and Father know that you are role models for Little One? If Mother and Father often quarreled in front of Little One, he might imitate Mother and Father, or even no longer regard Mother and Father as a role model they are proud of. In addition, children depend on parents to get a sense of comfort and security. If you often see their parents fight, children can feel uncomfortable and scared. Fighting in front of a child can also cause a variety of other negative effects on the child, na

Liver Disorders, Causes, Types, and Methods for Overcoming them

Liver disorders can significantly affect a person's general health condition. Viral infections, genetic factors, side effects of drugs, and unhealthy lifestyles, are factors that can cause liver disorders. The liver is the largest organ that humans have. This organ is located in the abdominal cavity, in the upper right part of the stomach, and is protected by the rib cage and diaphragm. The liver plays a role in neutralizing toxins, protein synthesis, and blood clotting. The liver also acts as an organ that produces bile for digestion. Symptoms of Liver Disorders Most liver disorders do not cause symptoms in the early stages. Symptoms often appear when liver disorders have entered an advanced stage, or even when the condition of the liver has been severely damaged. Yellowing of the skin and eyes is the most common sign of a liver disorder. Other symptoms that can occur in liver disorders include skin itching, bruising, fatigue, dark urine, pale stools, swollen abdomen, and p